Sluta prata om att ni är dåliga på jämställdhet – gör någonting istället!

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Var är brudarna? Frågan har blivit lite trendig, eller hur? Speciellt inom tech. Äntligen!

Det här är ett debattinlägg av Anna Caracolias, styrelseledamot i stiftelsen IIS. Texten är ett svar på en text av Jeremie Poirier, grundare av startupinkubatorn Think. (Di Digitals notering)

”Vi har misslyckats med jämställdheten – låt oss försöka igen”, skriverJeremie Poirier i ett debattinlägg på DI Digital.

Let’s continue in English to include Jeremie at Think in Helsingborg. Thanks for the blunt openness about failing! And thanks for the discussions we’ve had since the article was published. The problem is far greater than just in accelerators, incubators or co-working spaces – it concerns the whole ICT business. It actually concerns every business globally using modern technology.

To have a balanced workforce is almost always equivalent to better business. Actually, recent research shows that companies founded and/or led by women are far more successful than those founded and or led by men. Forbes gives an example in this article about the VC firm First Round: ”First Round’s female founders are lapping the men. Of the nearly 600 founders surveyed, those who were part of a team with a female founder performed 63% better than all-male counterparts.”

Jeremie Poirier understands this.

So why doesn’t he, and the others who understand these facts find the women they so desperately are looking for?

 They just don’t know where to start. They look in the wrong places. They don’t utilize the right networks. They don’t try hard enough. They don’t think they exist. They don’t really want to, it’s just a PC-thing to say, not to do. Or worse – they’re not willing to change their existing norms within their company to suite other people than the ”regular crowd” already onboard. Or what?

It’s time to stop putting lipstick on the pig. It’s time for change and action. For listening and learning.

”We hear general talk about the diversity problem, but no one is taking the lead by publicly discussing the challenges,” Jeremie says in his article. This I strongly disagree with.

There are several public discussions and initiatives on the topic. Sadly enough, few men choose to attend them, listen and learn. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time. We did send our HR manager (yes, a woman). We don’t need to hear more, we do stuff instead… Yeah, have we heard if before?

All of you who ever wrote a job ad with the words ” we encourage female applicants”. All you journalists who ever wrote a piece on the topic. Hell, all of you who ever said ”we need more women in tech”. It’s time to stop putting lipstick on the pig. It’s time for change and action. For listening and learning.

You are all invited to learn from experts on the topic at ”Var är brudarna, och var är alla andra?” at Internetdagarna. I guarantee that you’ll learn a few things.

And the experts are:

Emma Stenström, Handels, innovationsprocesser

Jon Persson, grundare & VD Cygni

Ulrika Sedell, ledarskapskonsult & författare

Liva Lager, ordförande, ansvarig för mångfaldsfrågor på Tieto

Johanna Grahn Månsson, utvecklingschef iteam

Linda Manilla, forskare Åbo Akademi (Finland inför programmering i grundskolan 2016)

Helene Derkert, IKT-enheten utbildningsförvaltningen

Carina Edlund, utbildningshandläggare CSC/KTH

Marcin de Kaminski, policy specialist FoE/ICT

Petra Jankov Picha, digitala medier, opinioinsbildning TCO

Gitta Wilén, kommunikationskonsult

Åke Nygren, projektledare Digitala biblioteket

Sandra Hindskog & Hanna Pettersson, grundare Tjejer kodar

Jessica Stark, founder & CEO SUP46